Love Thyself First
18. Feb 8th. A contradiction that's waiting to travel the world.
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To my daughters and sisters: Don’t fall for his words, fall for his actions. Shaykh Waleed Basyouni.  (via iqranazir)
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A child’s skull prior to loosing it’s baby teeth

children are terrifying little hellbeasts and I want you all to know this from a medical standpoint

I wanna see a skull before the baby teeth grow in
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I like big butts and I cannot lie. i am under oath i must tell the truth but i don’t see why you’re asking me this judge shouldn’t we be talking about the murder

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A friendly public service announcement from your neighborhood blue super monster
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originality is not dead
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Wait, why do you think Drake's mentally abusive?!


Lines like “you say they all ya friends and that’s been the problem” and just in general how much he talks about knowing what’s best for the woman when she “refuses” to know for herself puts him in a position to entrap her mind by gradually making her believe his judgment is the only thing she can trust—even over her own. He does this innocuously (and probably even inadvertently) with his warmth and emotionally persuasive manner of speaking (bolstered by society’s patriarchal lean toward men’s judgment anyway). It looks like he’s got your best interest at heart while he’s slowly whittling at your own ability to be there for yourself. 

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